List of our past events

2017 Neighborhood BBQ

Come out with us to our community BBQ! We will have live music and tons of food for everyone! Starting Sunday after our morning worship time – we hope to see you then!

2016 Misc Projects

Throughout the year, we are thankful for the volunteer groups and individuals that came from churches local and in other states to help us with projects we have needed completed.  Here are a few pictures taken during these improvements.

2016 Patio Project

A new patio was built behind the chapel building to provide more outdoor space for classes, meals, and fellowship areas.  The nice weather in Southern California except for winter (rain and wind) allows for ideal enjoyment being outside for many of our classes and events.

2016 Worship Center Improvements

Replaced worn carpeting in the worship center.  Added new audio pulpit microphone, audio amplifier with multi-channels to broadcast sermons to additional rooms within the building, newer computer equipment, new visual display monitors and a new pulpit.  Walls were also painted and new windows put in the doors.

2016 Community BBQ

A wonderful time was spent having a church BBQ with the neighbors and their families.  Food was delicious.