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Trusting God to do great things in Thousand Oaks

New Short Update Video

Hey guys! This is the first of many update videos from the ministry out here in Thousand Oaks! Hopefully in the future I will be putting out more of these to keep you all updated on ministry and life here. The video is posted on my Facebook page and is no longer than 90 seconds. Please check it out by clicking the link here!

Moving In Soon

On March 1st, I will be moving into Conejo Park apartments. Becca will be visiting in March before we get married to help organize and transform it from a bachelor pad. 🙂 We are both excited about the opportunities we will have to build relationships with our neighbors. Our hope and prayer is to see some of our future neighbors come to Christ! Please pray that God gives us wisdom with all the details these last few months before we get married.

Meeting People with Basketball

The last few weeks I have been meeting with my co-worker, Noel and a bunch of his friends and playing basketball. We have been playing at the gym on the campus of Cal Lutheran University. I have been able to meet 20 or more unsaved people just through playing basketball. Right now I’m working on building my relationships with them and taking opportunities to share Christ. Pray that God works in the lives of these guys I play basketball with.

If you want to keep up to date with me the links below will direct you to my donation page, Facebook, Twitter, Thousand Oaks website, my email, and Becca’s Instagram (cause she posts more than me).

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