Arrived in California and Engaged

Trusting God as leads in California.


Trials Are Good.

First things first! I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who has prayed and financially supported Becca and I due to the accident with my truck. It has been so humbling to see all that God has done to encourage us and help us to see God’s wisdom and goodness in this trial! Unfortunately, due to miscommunication, my truck was not covered with insurance when the accident happened and after many conversations with several people I am stuck with a $10,000 loan to pay off. God in his kindness is using this to humble me and show me that I can trust Him because He knows exactly what I need.


She Said Yes!
Secondly, as most of you already know, I’m engaged! Believe it or not, she said yes! Becca came on a road trip with me to help me move out to California. While we were in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, I proposed. I’m excited to see how God is going to use us as married couple to glorify God and make disciples as a team. Please pray with us, as our engagement will mostly be long distance.

Arrived in California
Lastly, I have officially arrived in Thousand Oaks, California and am ready to get to work in the ministry of church planting/revitalization! I’m excited to be working and serving alongside my Dad who is the lead church planter. There is a core group of about twenty people at Thousand Oaks Baptist Church who are excited to see what God is going to do!
As of right now, I’m still settling in. I’m thankful that I have about 10% of my support raised and still looking to God to bring the rest as soon as possible. Click here to support me or share this link with others.
Right now I will be looking to get a job to make ends meet until I’m fully supported!



  • God brought Becca and I safely to California.
  • God uses trials to make us more like Christ. He doesn’t waste any trials!
  • God has already begun to bring money in to help cover the cost of the loss of my truck.
  • God has given me an awesome team of people to work with at Thousand Oaks Baptist Church

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God continues to burden people to partner with me financially for the cause of the gospel in Thousand Oaks on a monthly basis.
  • Pray that God leads us to lost people who need Jesus in Thousand Oaks.

Pray for Becca and I as we work through all the details of getting married.

If you want to keep up to date with me the links below will direct you to my donation page, Facebook, Twitter, Thousand Oaks website, my email, and Becca’s Instagram (cause she posts more than me). 

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