Why Being Part of a Small Group is Good

Certainly, in large churches, small group ministry can provide a level of comfort for those who feel ‘lost’ in the crowd. But what about small groups within a small congregation? Is it helpful or harmful to ‘fragment’ an already small congregation?

Isn’t Sunday School, in fact, a small group ministry? One could make convincing arguments both against and in favor of small group ministry. We’ve found one Christian writer who has compiled a rather compelling list of benefits.

Mark Howell, founder of SmallGroupResources.net identifies ten key benefits of small group ministry:

10 Powerful Benefits of Small Group Ministry

1. Life change happens best in small groups
2. Small groups make churches personal
3. Small groups provide a nearly unlimited leadership development pipeline
4. Off-campus small groups provide nearly unlimited space at optimum times
5. “Come over to my house” is a much easier invitation than “come with me to church.”
6. Small groups provide the best opportunity for one-anothering
7. Small groups can provide a sense of family for many whose biological family lives far away
8. I can ask questions in a small group
9. Small groups make it possible for more people to be cared for between Sundays
10. Small groups provide an ever-expanding network for communication and impact

Why Being Part of a Small Group Bible Study is Good

Biblical community is our goal for everyone at TOBC. We believe that life transformation, spiritual care and growth happens best in the context of relationships among believers. Small groups are gatherings of four, six, eight, ten or more people, singles, couples or families or mixed with the simple goal of getting to know one another, building deeper friendships, and growing as Christians.

There are small groups who get together to discuss books or study a theme from the Bible. Some meet to work on a ministry service project, while others get together simply to know each other better and share their lives. Small groups that meet in homes are a great place to grow with God and build really great relationships while meeting in the comfort of someone’s living room.

If you are looking for a place to grow in your relationship with God and a place to connect with other people, then a Small Group at Thousand Oaks Baptist Church is what you need. At TOBC as we begin to grow as a church, we have small groups called Discipleship Groups that meet in homes at various times throughout the week.

Discipleship Groups Connect. Grow. Serve.


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